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Mit ganz frischen Früchtchen kehrt die Kultshow ‘Tutti Frutti’ in einer Neuauflage auf RTL Nitro ins TV zurück. Aber was wurde eigentlich aus den Früchtchen von damals? Hugo Egon Balders damalige Show-Assistentin, Monique Sluyter, hat sich nach ihrer Zeit bei ‘Tutti Frutti’ zu einer erfolgreichen Geschäftsfrau gemausert.
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Tutti Frutti interview RTL Exclusiv – comeback Monique Sluyter.

Finally it is time for new shows of Tutti Frutti! On RTL Nitro Germany there will be the first new show with me as a co-host. This will be on tv 30 and 31 dec. 2016. In the new show we have a few guests of the former Tutti Frutti and we look back at the shows. Also we did add 2 new games in the show. Soon recent pics of me during the press moment, show and behind the scenes!kaartspel-tutti-frutti

Laserman – Andrea Prince Dutch Bookings by MSM

LASERMAN – Andrea Prince From Dubai to Macau, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, in the best world venues, Andrea Prince is the most desired artist of his kind. Famous for his technical and innovative shows, being proud of his 6000 plus shows in more that 4 continents and 40 different countries. , for Porsche, Ferrari , Warner BROS, Mercedes and Disney. Special acts with 3d laser, un effect of optical illusion surreal, suggestive and emotional. Proper dance of light immersed in colours and fluctuating forms, together with an almost unreal stunning manipulation. For bookings Laserman or Laserwoman: new “Laser 3d Crystall ball”. A show performed with a special filter that opens the laser at a 360 degree, all ‘inside a crystal ball. In Macau instead, within the casino Galaxy (one of the most largest casinos in the world), is staged at a Broadway teather “the 3d air”. Laserman will be performing with famous illusionist Hans klok until January 2017. received_10207875113130500